Winter Olympics: Pub Walking

Like putting on an old jumper, sometimes it’s good to forget about the troubles of the world (Revitalisation and Quality Beer) and head off to an old favourite pub. “Don’t travel unless it’s essential”. I’m going, albeit on foot rather than skis.


Heading for the metal podium


The Lathkil Hotel at Over Haddon, near Bakewell, is one of the few pubs to open on weekday lunchtimes in the White Peak. Note for fellow blogging grumps…the website even has an accurate opening hours’ tab.

It’s a special place loved by walkers and folk out for the day in the car. For me, many wonderful family memories. Funny how a pub can influence a house move.


Lovely Lathkill Dale


Today’s different, thanks to the weather…local mums looking after kids sledging on a snow day, the scions of the pub’s family being interviewed by a journalist and the occasional old bloke scarily emerging from the blizzard. Best quote..”she’s had her eyebrows done, more slugs than worms”. It wasn’t me.

And beers in excellent condition, as ever. Always Hartington Bitter from Whim and an Adnams, today Ghostship. Plus today it’s Aviator from Kelham, Moonshine from Abbeydale. And, I like to think, specially for me a very malty rehydrating bitter from Stancill. A proper South Yorkshire pint. Is that alright, love.


A South Yorkshire pint in oh so many ways

I’m not usually one for solo drinking, but today I feel welcomed and oh so comfortable in this most perfect of perfect pubs. Just as Sir Maurice did. It was worth the walk..can I claim a medal?


More MI6 than Tubular Bells?

Let’s all make an effort to keep these places going.



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