Perfect beer and pubs

I’m thinking of starting an organisation for lovers of cask beer. It goes something like this…

We really like cask beer and think it’s the best beer around when it’s looked after properly. That’s our focus.


There are other beers (e.g. keg mild) and ciders that have their place and we’re not averse to having these sometimes but we’re not going to shout about them, someone else can do that.

We don’t care whether the beer is from large or small breweries but we do recognise that an experienced qualified brewer with the right ingredients is likely to make consistently good beer.

Our holy grail is the perfect cask beer in the perfect pub.

We applaud the skill of the landlord in keeping beer and we favour pubs that keep a limited number of ales in top condition rather than try and serve too many cask beers. It’s horrible when it’s served too soon or gone off.

We wouldn’t dream of appointing ourselves, or others, as experts deciding on the beer brands that are of a somewhat nebulous ‘quality’ standard.

Any takers?

P.S. We won’t have forums where people shout at each other.