Labouring with love through the Bass mirror

In early 2018 a plan was hatched by a motley but happy crew to create a list of pubs serving Draught Bass on a permanent basis. It’s been described as a labour of love for me, perhaps appropriate as my maternal grandfather was a brewery labourer in Burton. I do sometimes question why I started this madcap enterprise. My best guess is that I just didn’t want to see Draught Bass to die without a fight. I had a stupid idea that the common man could help reverse the decline in distribution of one of the world’s finest ales. You can read my original post here.


Social media often gets criticised for creating division and worse. However I think it’s worth thinking of the positives. In this case the listing seems to have gained followers and, more importantly, many who have been prepared to share their knowledge. Good people who just want to do their bit. To some extent it merely follows in the fine tradition of the merry band of the Honourable Order of Bass Drinkers who’ve sought to keep the Bass flag flying over many years.

The Bass Directory will only be updated in this post in the future, rather than the original post. Please click on the link at the end of this post for the listing.

To the many who have joyfully shared their knowledge, my thanks for making it possible. To those who’ve developed the idea – the start of a top 100 Bass pubs and adding ‘occasional but regular’ Bass pubs, my thanks. And most importantly, to the pubs that serve Bass and to those of you who’ve downloaded the Bass Directory to get a pint or two of Bass, my heartfelt thanks. Please keep sharing.

What could we do next? I would like to promote a National Bass Day in 2020. I have a date in mind to coincide with William Bass’ purchase of his brewhouse in Burton. More later, but in the meantime I would like to hear from any pubs, CAMRA branches, and individuals who would be willing to support the National Bass Day. As ever we’re all doing this for free.

Post-pandemic it happened. National Bass Day 2022 on Easter Saturday 16th April. A Facebook group of over 1.400 drinkers and publicans all reflecting their pleasure at a pint or two of cask Bass.

National Bass Day 2023 will again take place on Easter Saturday, this year falling on 8th April.

And please remember, it’s all about cask Bass brewed in Burton rather than the insipid bottled stuff made in Shamlesbury, near Preston.

Thank you

Whilst I lay claim to all the errors and omissions (BTW, comments and additions welcome below or by PM to my twitter account), the listing couldn’t have been put together without others’ sterling efforts. The CAMRA volunteers who produce the GBG and WhatPub entries for a start. My fellow Bass obsessives – RetiredMartin, PubCurmudgeon and Britainbeermat who were willing to sit next to the strange bloke on the Bass social media bus. And everyone else amongst the twitterati and the National Bass Day Facebook group who contributes their favourite Draught Bass haunts. And of course, thanks to Mrs TWM who accepts that a lunchtime stop on a long journey might surprisingly be selling Bass.

Bass May 2023

Commercial use of this post and the Bass Directory is not permitted.



  1. Great work on the Bass Directory. Winchester Hotel on Archway Road in Highgate, London would be a worth adding to the list. It has recently reopened and they have Bass on, the manager says it’s sold so well they’re keeping it as a permanent beer. One of very few places you can get a Bass in the capital.



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  4. I decided to visit the remaining 3 pubs on the Lancashire part of the list over the weekend and after the disappointment of the Victoria in Lytham, so here is the current state of play:

    Rifle Volunteer, Burnley: Google maps indicated it was permanently closed, but I tried anyway as no other site said it was (Camra’s WhatPub etc.). Signage remains, but it is closed and looks like being used for accommodation. No signs on any of the windows to explain the closure, but it isn’t looking good in the current climate.

    Swan With Two Necks Pendleton, Nr Clitheroe: Pub remains as great as ever, lovely countryside village and walking location, good food, and lots of well-kept cask, but no Bass on when I visited. I was told it is still a guest, but the last time was a few months ago and they didn’t know when it will be on again. Some lovely Orkney’s Dark Island was some consolation!

    Saddle Inn, Blackpool: I’d managed to save the best to last. Lovely pint of well-kept Bass, which I was told was a constant beer among all the other guests. Lovely unspoiled multi-roomed pub (one of the oldest in Blackpool), good pub grub, and currently every Tuesday any cask beer – including Bass – is only £1.95/pint!!


  5. Thanks for the survey work Jim. Shame about the Volunteer. It was a reliable pub for the list. I’ll remove it. I know that the SWTN has Bass asca very intermittent guest but it is a lovely pub to have on the list. Great beers and hosts. Saddle Inn is the stand out Lancashire Bass pub. I’ve not been in but reports are very good.


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