National Bass Day 2020

Go in to a pub, any pub. The chances are there will be a Bass mirror on the wall. Many thousands of them across the country pay homage to one of the world’s finest cask ales. Yet, there are now less than 500 pubs in Britain selling Bass on a regular basis. (See Labouring with love through the Bass mirror ). The unintended consequences of government legislation has left Draught Bass languishing in the brand basement of AB InBev. That it has survived at all is a miracle.


It’s now time to celebrate its survival and look forward. National Bass Day 2020 is on Easter Saturday, 11th April and it coincides with William Bass buying his Burton brewery in 1777. It’ll soon be the 250th anniversary. Let’s start practising.

I’m not looking to see Draught Bass in the 9,000 pubs of the 1980’s but it’s just too good to let it fade away. Even in 2011 it was reported to be in 3,000 pubs on a permanent basis (see Mirror, Mirror on the pub wall, where can I drink Draught Bass?  ). The danger of the argument that goes, ‘I don’t want it in more pubs because the quality will go down’ is a recipe for extinction.

You can make a difference by supporting National Bass Day 2020. If you care about beer and pubs please read on to see how you can help. It’ll be worth your efforts.

Is Draught Bass still that beer, produced in the Burton Union system, in my memory from the days as a young bloke in Burton. Who knows, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. What is certain is that the Draught Bass, currently brewed under licence by Marston’s in Burton, is one of the most well-crafted traditional beers coming out of any brewery in England.  As Roger Protz has written, “If Timothy Taylor’s Landlord…or Draught Bass are bland beers, I am a banana sandwich.” He’s not a banana sandwich, but he does support National Bass Day 2020. Thanks Roger.

There’s no doubt that Draught Bass needs expert cellaring, it needs time and care. However in the right hands it’s a subtle gem that sells very well and gains a loyal following. As the manager of Simpson’s Tavern in the City of London reports, “training here consists of two rules, look after the customers and never remove Draught Bass”. Even in my own village local, a tentative move to having it as a guest beer resulted in their fastest selling cask ale of the year. 

Landlords such as Hughie Price at the Tynemouth Lodge Hotel, Carl Stout at Burton’s Devonshire Arms and the team at the Star Inn, Bath are fine exponents of the Draught Bass craft. 


So how can you help?

First of all, have a pint or two of Draught Bass on Easter Saturday. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc. please let people know the pubs you’ll be in. Don’t wait until Easter Saturday, tell us now where you’ll be and use the hashtags #DraughtBass, #NationalBassDay, #NBD2020. And, of course, encourage your local to get Draught Bass on the bar. Could you be the leading Draught Bass pub ticker on National Bass Day 2020?

If you’re a landlord why not promote the day and let folk know that you’ll have Draught Bass on the bar. I’ll be offering free downloadable posters. Please PM me with your contact details through Twitter @TheWickingMan . A number of pubs have already offered to be the lead in their area. If you’re interested in doing the same please let me know.

If you’re involved in a CAMRA branch feel free to use the material in any of my posts for inclusion in your branch newsletters, and please highlight those pubs in your area who have Draught Bass. You might even want to produce a Draught Bass pub trail for the day? Places like Derby, Leek, Burton and Hinckley offer a very good day out.

If you’re a beer writer, blogger or on Twitter please let the world have your take on Draught Bass. Everything from your favourite Draught Bass pubs in your patch through to the history of Bass is very welcome. Support in the weeks leading to National Bass Day will be particularly useful. However, if the urge to write is already there, don’t let me hold you back.

If you’re a micro-brewery how about paying your own tribute to Draught Bass with a one-off brew? Go on, why not have a go.

Many thanks to the people who’ve offered their help promoting the day. It’s all much appreciated and I’ll be sending out regular updates by email and in blogposts. As ever I’d like to thank my Draught Bass mates, Pub Curmudgeon, Retired Martin, and Britain Beer Mat for their support. I couldn’t have asked for finer companions in a virtual pub.

By the way, if you get this far and think why is this bloke organising National Bass Day? What’s in it for him? Well, somebody has to, so why not me. I don’t have financial connections to any breweries or pubs.

Enjoy your Draught Bass. It’ll be the best Easter Saturday you’ve ever had.

All the best






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  2. Hi Ian lovely surprise to see a Bass day in Burton in April. I live out of the UK but have booked flight from Malaga for the occasion. A long time since I had a beer there the last time being at a friends pub The unicorn, before that the Waterloo, and The Mount Pleasant near to Burton. Will there be an official kick off time and if so where. Steve


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  4. Read your piece in Cheers. I have always been a big fan of Bass and was pleased to meet a few weeks ago again my old chum (also Northumbrian by origin) for a few pints of it – very well kept and served – in the Plough at Ashby de la Zouch. Now having a few Bass beers is in itself worth letting you know but I think you would love my #Cambodia take on the subject: You might even rise to the occasion.

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