National Bass Day will live on

It was inevitable in the current crisis that I would have to announce the postponement of National Bass Day. From an idea that started over a pint of Draught Bass in a village pub in the Peak District it’s grown into a wonderful campaign that’s been supported by many.  My heartfelt thanks to those who’ve supported the idea of a crowd-sourced list of Bass pubs culminating in National Bass Day.


I’m sad, but more importantly, I’m extremely sad for those publicans who sell Bass and have been so supportive of the campaign. I wish you well and promise the Bass drinkers will be back.

The plan is to postpone National Bass Day 2020 until Saturday 25th July in the hope that we have some kind of normality by then.

National Bass Day 2021 will be on Easter Saturday, 3rd April 2021.

Obviously if some pubs are open (or doing take-away Bass) and on Easter Saturday this year by all means enjoy your beer. However keeping the NHS going has to be everyone’s priority. If you’re at home on 11th April. pour yourself a beer and raise a glass to a day that will come again.

Let’s keep National Bass Day going in 2020 and onwards.

Look after yourselves.

All the best.  Ian



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